Wednesday, May 27, 2015

He's a lover, not a fighter.

Judah really likes to wear things around his neck and has also been enjoying cars and trucks lately.

Judah  runs to console anyone who is crying with a hug.  It cheers just about everybody up too, because who doesn't want a hug from this guy?  He is a sweet hugger like Genna was and is.  Though he will pull a punch (literally, fist closed every time) if someone is doing something he really doesn't like and the customary scream did not repel them successfully.

Snack with Mom

I love this smile!

Judah loves his Grumpy Cat.  Usually he waits in the bed, but sometimes Judah requests he comes for a car ride too.

Judah really likes to wear other people's shoes.

Hanging Out, Waiting for Mom to Read a Bedtime Story

Trying Out the Handicap Swing

He thought the big handicap swing was better.

Waiting for Food
 Judah is 21 months now.  He sings songs and dances.  Some of the amusing songs we have caught him singing are, "Bye, Bye Miss American Pie" and "I'm so fancy," which is the only line any of us know from that song.  He still generalizes for a lot of things...every color is blue, every shape is a triangle, and every Sesame Street character is Elmo.

Hugging One of His Best Buds

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