Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"Why does that one get to have hair?"

Someone asked me that after church not too long ago about Drew.  I had to answer that his daddy loves it and won't let me cut it.  Truthfully, I love it too as does everyone else.  He's been inspiring mothers all over to let their son's hair grow a bit to see if it looks like Drew's.

One of the funny things Drew always says wrong that is not related to his speech issue is the phrase "figure out."  He says "figure eight."  It is adorable to listen to him tell me, "Mom, I just need to figure eight it."  I love it!

He's only been to two speech classes so far due to spring break, school testing, and our recent trip.  However, using a mirror she got Drew to bounce his tongue and make the /k/ sound already which he has never ever done before.  This was super encouraging, but so far at home we still need the mirror to repeat the sound.  No mirror and it still comes out like a /t/.  But that's okay!  One step at a time.  I'm hoping he can make a lot of progress in the next month and a half, before summer, since he does so much better in class than with me at home.

Update to his speech:  Since writing this (and forgetting to post it) Drew had another speech class.  When we got there, he told his teacher the two sounds that he was supposed to be working on at home, and then promptly asked her, "Can you teach me to say 'milt?'"  My eyes filled up with tears because just that morning he had me thinking he was saying "melt" when he was really saying "milk" and it took me a while to catch it.   She helped him for a couple of minutes and did get him to say "milk" correctly one time.  He was so excited.  During class he actually learned to use the /k/ and /g/ sound in words if he repeats it.  We're still along way from using them in spontaneous speech, but I was so proud of him that I took him to get an extra special treat, a smoothie, after class.  He came home and said, "Otay," to me and I asked him to "fix it."  He then said, "Okay," and his brother and sisters went crazy.  They had never heard him say a word correctly with the /k/ sound in it.  It was a priceless moment.

Drew got to go on his first overnight camping trip with Isaac and Daddy (for Isaac's cub scouts.)  He loved it.  The cutest story was about when they finally got into their tents and jammies.  He laid down in his PJs on top of his sleeping bag, arms down by his side, and said, "Dad, can I have a blantet?"  Brian explained to him how you unzip the sleeping bag and get in.  He got in and exclaimed, "Oh, I love tamping!!!  This is so great!!!"

I also heard a rumor that he trudged along without complaining, and that was better than some of the bigger kids on the hike.

Isaac had a blast too!  They've both been recovering ever since though.

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