Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Genna's Camp Out Birthday Party

Genevieve and I came up with the idea to have an outdoor camp out party in our backyard.  It seemed like a good idea, keep all the kids outside and out of the house.  Especially since there were going to be 25 kids there plus adults.  Then there was the threat of rain.  We prayed that the rain would hold off until 5pm which was when the party was going to be ending.

For food, of course, it was hot dogs on the grill.  We had fruit, veggies, and chips too.  And what is a camp out without S'mores and a fire pit.  (No pictures of the S'more fiasco because Brian and I were way too busy!)  I also made an allergy cake (pineapple) in a pan for my Judah and in case anyone wanted something other than chocolate.

Campfire Chocolate Cake:  I made my regular chocolate cake, but used store bought icing.  If ever I am dieting that is the way to go.  I love my chocolate cake, but do not love store bought chocolate icing.  Anyway, I used walnuts for the rocks, kit-kat bars for the logs, and two Starburst that I formed into a fire.  Overall, a very easy cake to make compared to some past cakes which is just what I needed to avoid standing in the kitchen for a long time.

Genevieve requested I make my fruit "cake" again like I did at her American Girl party two years ago.

Drinks were lemonade and punch which the kids sucked down very quickly because it got crazy hot.  It had been beautiful 60-70 degree weather for several days, but this is the day it warmed up to over 80.  I had Brian bring out a fan for me to sit under in our gazebo.

The favors were these Mason jars with lids, straws, and a chalkboard sticker to write names on.  They doubled as their drink cups during the party.

The chalkboard sticker came with a chalkboard marker that is erasable with water.
 Genna ran the games because I am the size of a house and had no better plans.  :)

Cake Time!

My beautiful birthday girl who is always so grateful had a wonderful time!
 And then it rained...at 5:03pm.  Prayers answered.  And the party came crashing inside!

Genna opened her presents and that was about it.  Immediately after the party, there was an American Heritage Girls camp out that Daddy took the girls to.  The rain ended up stopping soon after they got there.  All's well that ends well!  Although I think Daddy wouldn't have minded a bit if the AHG camp out had been rained out.  In the end he had a pretty good time, but he was worn out. 

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Mary Kirby said...

Great party! So impressed by your creativity and energy!