Sunday, November 22, 2015

4 Months Already!

Wow!  That went quickly!  We've been in Germany for almost three weeks (in this hotel!) and Bobby was born four months ago.

This month Bobby moved to Germany and stopped sleeping through the night.  He naps really well some days and others does the forty-five minute nap tease.  He continues to be a total angel baby, chilling out in all sorts of places in the hotel.  On the floor, on the bed, in the stroller, but no longer on the couch since he's a rollin' already.  He has rolled from his back to his tummy and from his tummy to his back many times now when on the floor.  He smiles a lot and rarely gets upset or cries.  He does have his days where he more easily startles or has to cry himself to sleep, but more often than not he goes to sleep on his own without any crying.

Proof of the roll!  Trying to take a photo and he rolled in the middle.

As you can see he is also holding up his head much better and longer now.  He has started making the sweetest cues and squeals.  Everyone adores him.  Drew asks to hold him all the time still.  Judah goes and plays with him and often calls him "Bob" in just about the cutest two year old voice ever.

On Day two of being officially four months old, he napped like a textbook four month old. Two two hour naps and a 45 minute evening nap, which I know won't always be the case, but I enjoyed it all the same.

Look at those amazing legs!  Don't you want to reach into the screen to squeeze 'em!

I have no weight or height for him yet as we still don't have our van and are not able to go to a doctor appointment just yet.  Nor do we have our house stuff with our scale to weigh the little fellow.  I'd guess he's around 18 lbs, but I'm not sure.

Drew loves him to pieces!
And he is all ready to get himself baptized this week.  He'll be our oldest aged child to get baptized at just over four months, but you'll see why we waited so long very soon.  

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