Monday, November 9, 2015

Where does my angel sleep?

We outgrew our house, you see?  Eight people just don't fit well in a four bedroom house, especially when one of the bedrooms is small, one of the people is a two year old, one is a baby, and one is a mommy who is the lightest sleeper in the entire world.   So Bobby was in our room since it didn't make since to move Judah into the boys room when we were moving a few months after Bobby was born.  I really tried to just keep him in my room, but I wake up at every noise.  About a month in, I moved him and his pack-n-play around the corner to our master bathroom and cracked the door.  That's when he started sleeping through the night, not every night, but gradually more and more often.  When the movers came, we moved him into Judah's empty room.  Judah moved into the boys' empty room in a borrowed pack-n-play for that week, and the four big kids had a sleep over on mattresses in the girls' room.  Well, I had to ship Bobby's Moses basket and pack-n-play ahead so I kept the pad from his Moses basket and his bumpers.  I made him a little bed on the floor since he wasn't rolling yet.  However, he didn't seem to like it so much and was not sleeping as well.  So I made him a makeshift bed out of the suitcase and the pad and bumpers.  This worked well.

Then we got stuck at the airport and our flight delayed.  We ended up in a hotel for one night.  I didn't want to unpack my suitcase for just one night, so I put coats down in the tub with his Moses pad and bumpers.  Yes, he slept in the tub.  He was safe and we were all able to sleep better.

Then when we arrived in Germany at the hotel, he was back in the suitcase again.  This time, however, we put him in the closet.  This doesn't work as well since I can hear when he wakes up and makes noises since the closet has to be cracked for ventilation.  Usually he would just go back to sleep before I'd ever hear him if he was in another room.  It's still better than him being totally in the open because then we might wake him up when we are reading or getting ready for bed.

Then I bought a used European stroller that has a bassinet attachment.  So he is at least in a real bed even though he's still in the closet.  He gets his own room in a couple of weeks when we finally get to move in to our new rental house.  I don't know what he'll do with all that space.  I'm hoping he likes it.  A lot.  Enough to go back to sleeping through the night again, at least sometimes.  He's still a total angel right now though.  He's happy and peaceful almost all the time.

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The Pilot's Wife said...

I am dying!!! Love the baby in the suitcase, in the closet. That even beats Nash sleeping in our master closet in a crib until he was over a year old.