Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our All Hallow's Eve (Thrown Together at the Last Minute)

My clan all dressed up
 So I tried to cancel the whole trick or treating process since our stuff was shipped before October 31st and we couldn't afford (baggage wise) to keep costumes with us.  However, my husband uncancelled it.  I'm guessing because he wanted to spend time with our close neighbor friends one more time before we had to leave them.  And the kids too.  I'm sure he was thinking of the kids.

We have developed such close friendships in our neighborhood over the last 5 years.  It has been such a great neighborhood for our little kids and for us.  Brian has had his annual Blocktoberfest for five years now and we have gotten to know neighbors that we might otherwise not have met.  In the end I was glad we didn't cancel it.  Friends loaned us costumes and it all was super easy.  The only hitch was what to do with all that candy that they got.  They chose a small amount to put in their carry on backpacks and we left the rest to our friends who bought our house.

We had pizza after the trick or treating at our neighbor's house.  The kids' German tutor/ our dear friend (whom we met at the first Blocktoberfest when he lived across the street from us) came with his girlfriend to walk around with the kids and Brian to spend some last minute time with us.  When he said good bye to the girls (and to Brian too) he was getting all choked up.  It was so sweet.  He treated our girls like his own daughters and it is a sad thing to leave him. I have a picture of him hugging Brian, but I'll have to find it and put it in another post.

Normally I make the kids use their saint costumes for trick or treating or at least make only a slight adaption to change it if they want to.  However, this year we were borrowing costumes so I let them be whatever.  I was obviously not able to host an All Saint's Day party this year and the closest one I knew about was an hour away.

St. Juan Diego, this is the only costume that didn't have to be borrowed since Drew wore it a couple years ago.  I made the shirt with fabric markers and used the reverse applique process

An elf princess

The Crusader

Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt

A stormtrooper

Before heading out to join the rest of the neighborhood group with the dads.

Don't forget my Candy Corn that gets bundled up for All Hallow's Eve  every other year when I have a newborn baby.  This year, I kept him inside though to visit with a neighbor while handing out candy.  This is pretty much how he looked all night.  He had a sleepy evening.

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