Thursday, November 5, 2015

Saying Our Sad Good Byes

As previously mentioned, we had a little over a week in our empty house after the movers took our stuff and the plane ticket to Germany.  What do you do when your house is empty?  Step one, borrow mattresses, sheets or sleeping bags, pillows, fans (if you are crazy like me and like white noise to sleep with,) and a small couch.  We didn't need a couch, but it was super nice to have.  We were selling our dining room table and so we got to keep that until just a couple days before our flight  Plus, we were getting rid of our extra TV so we kept it until the last minute.

Next thing is you realize that you can't do anything in the kitchen because you will quickly realize how much you take for granted, like can openers and sharp knives.  Then all your friends invite you for dinner and fill all your evenings with good food and conversation.  So we had a week of good-bye dinners.

There's a bunch of the good-bye pictures that I can't find right now too.

It has been so hard to leave our friends and our children's friends since we were so settled this time, having lived here for more than five years.  

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