Thursday, February 11, 2016

Little Sacrifices for Lent

When we were discussing what to give up for Lent this year around the dinner table one night, Drew said he wanted to give up his favorite Lego thing he built with his favorite Lego man.  I thought that was cute.  He brought it to me on Ash Wednesday when I was sitting at my make up table, so I put it in my jewelry box for safe keeping.  He is so proud to participate in Lent this year like a big boy.

The whole family is giving up chips and desserts this Lent.  Hannah is giving up looking for and adding things to her Amazon wish list.  Genevieve is giving up her turn in the movie choice rotation (Each child gets a turn to pick a movie and we rotate through normally.)  Isaac is trying hard to make a habit of not complaining about his work/chores, and so in lieu of giving something up that he would get back at the end of Lent he is trying to make a habit of not complaining. 

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