Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Flood

I'm no Noah, but God sure took care of me with this one.  We have an oil room that has two places for storage.  One is a tiled room within the first room.  Since frantically unpacking before Christmas, we'd just been sticking stuff in the first room.  I had it on my list to go back and organize it in the tiled room so that we can easily access the heater and such.  Plus, the tiled room was lined with palates to raise things off the ground.  I finally was inspired to organize it the weekend before this happened in the first room. 

It had really been raining.  I walked down the stairs and saw the door open.  I went in to make sure our cat wasn't in there before closing the door and found the flood.  I had left a few things in that room, like Brian's work equipment, our vaccuum, and a big box of stuff to sell.  All of which were safely on the other side of the room from the slant where all the water collected.  The water was pouring down in a sheet from a pipe in the wall.  I have never been so thankful about a flood before in my life.  So much of our stuff could have been damaged if I hadn't moved it just a few days before, if someone hadn't left the door open (Umm, it was Judah, and who knows why!), or if I had put our stuff on the other side of the room.  Plus, bonus!  We don't own this house and it won't cost us a Euro cent to fix it.  So thank you, God!

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