Sunday, February 7, 2016

Our Birthdays: Brian's and Mine

My birthday was on a Wednesday this year which just so happens to be Schnitzelabend (schnitzel evening) at a restaurant that we frequented last time we lived here.  After our regular homeschool gym day we went to a store and then met Brian at the restaurant.  I had a Winterzeit (wintertime) Schnitzel and the salad bar was as delicious as I remember.  I love their house hausgemacht (homemade) yogurt dressing.  

Genna made me breakfast in bed.  Hannah made me a card and ave me a coupon that said, "One free pass to do my hair."  Isaac made me a card too.  The day was cold and cloudy, but Brian's birthday was a beautiful day.  He took the kids on a walk around the village and to the park.  They went to buy some honey in our village, and Hannah went up to the door and ordered it.

That evening Brian and I got to go out to dinner (completely alone!) at a nearby restaurant.  It was quaint and delicious (and quiet!)

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