Monday, February 8, 2016

Our Biggest Disappointment

This is a picture of a cute, blonde, curly-headed boy having his quiet time in our "library."  Our library is the open area above our living room outside of the boys' rooms.  It has all our bookshelves minus four that are in the boys' rooms and our official school books in the office.  On the other side is the Lego table.  Anyway he looks at books, plays Legos, or does jigsaw puzzles (around 24-30 pieces) which he's suddenly taken an interest in.  Don't worry this cutie is not our biggest disappointment.  It has to do with him somewhat, and every post is better with pictures I've been told.

Our biggest disappointment with living in Germany is that the kindergartens in our area are not accepting Americans.  They only get funding for a certain amount of teachers and all German children are guaranteed a spot if they register them when they are born, as I understand it.  But this has always been the case, and last time we were here they let us get on a waiting list.  The rumor is that the Syrian refugees get priority over Americans because the Americans have the military schools.  So we have been rejected by six schools so far in six different villages.  I am hoping that if we go out further North away from the city there might be a village that has room or at least lets us get on a waiting list.  I really wanted to have a little bit of time in the mornings to get more schoolwork done with the older kids without as many interruptions, and I REALLY wanted Drew to learn to speak German.

As of now, I haven't even been able to find someone to tutor us in German.  Brian is taking a class once a week, and the three big kids and I are competing daily on Duo Lingo.  The kids are kicking my butt, by the way.  We are still searching!

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