Monday, December 19, 2016

Big Boy Updates

Going to school in the morning

Drew and Judah are doing well at Kindergarten, but they have not made too much progress in the language department.  Drew has picked up some terms that he hears frequently.  Judah really enjoys "going to school," and often doesn't want to leave.  He's made lots of friends he tells me.  When I asked who is best friend is, he said, "Everybody!"  I would say that I definitely see improvements in the relationship between Drew and Judah which is what I was hoping for.  

Changing into house shoes before school...they all have to have gym shoes and house shoes in addition to their regular shoes.  In the fall and winter they wear the house shoes inside only to keep all the leaves, mud, and snow outside.  

Isaac got his palatal expander in October.  We had to turn the key once a day to make it expand his upper jaw for over a month.  It has created a big gap between his front two teeth.  That is exactly what was intended so there would be room for the rest of his teeth, most importantly to see if the baby tooth that is stuck under his gums and other teeth will come down if given room.  Then about a month after getting his expander, they gave him a face mask to wear when he sleeps to help pull his top jaw forward.  It actually only attaches to the hooks on his expander.  It doesn't go around his head like what I had imagined.  I was a little concerned that it would make it hard to sleep, but he sleeps solid until morning.  He's a little sore in the morning, but only for a short time.  I've been very impressed with how he's handled everything.  Isaac has been a real trooper about the whole thing even though he was nervous at first.  He didn't even mind me posting his picture on the blog.

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