Wednesday, December 21, 2016

England Part 1: Norwich *edited with new pictures*

We headed to London on a Wednesday so obscenely early in the morning that I won't even tell you when we had to leave the house by to make our flight.  Once we arrived in London, we had the regular passport check stuff that took forever.  England's a lot more picky than other places these days.  We already had train tickets to Norwich where Brian's family lives, but we had to really hurry to get everyone to the bathroom, grab something to eat on the train, and run to actually catch the train.  We made it though, but with a backpack per person (calculates to 8, in case you've lost count) and only three, four on a good day, kids who can carry their own backpack it was a tough run.  Hannah and Genna both carried two.  Brian carried two, plus Judah.  I carried one plus Bobby and my purse.  Judah carried a tiny bag with his loveys in it.  Drew and Isaac carried one each.  

When we arrived at Norwich train station, Brian's Aunt and Uncle had two cars waiting to take us to two different apartments to leave our luggage where we'd sleep.  It was so kind of everyone to take us into two apartments and drive us around in two cars!  That afternoon we visited at Brian's cousins and that evening we had reservations at a restaurant with the rest of the family.  Bobby had not had a real nap that day and had been up since 4am so he had a hard time at dinner, but he did settle down long enough to let me eat.

The next day we went to Norwich castle and ate lunch there.  Then we walked around the museum.  We had been here back in November 2007. We saw this tiger and it reminded me I have a photo of Hannah and Genna in front of it that I posted on my blog so many years ago.  I took one with all the kids, minus poor Bobby who was in the Ergo at the time.

Oct 2016- 5 of the 6 kids

Nov 2007- I found out I was pregnant with Isaac the night we got back from that trip.
There was a photography display that had a kid hand on kind of thing.  We dressed Judah up and took a picture in front of the back drop.  I love the giant belly laugh in this picture.

Drew wouldn't dress up, but I got a good laugh out of him in front of the backdrop.

We had more dinner reservations that night for fish and chips with the whole gang.  I did a bad job of getting group pictures.  Bobby had taken a 3 hour nap that day, so he had a much more enjoyable dinner.

The next morning we went for cream tea before our train back to London.

Dunsten Hall, where we had cream tea

Here are the two and three year old cousins together.

In London we were meeting our good friends to visit Oxford, Warner Brother's Studios and some major London sites.  To be continued...

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