Sunday, December 18, 2016


I'm not a fan of Halloween.  I really didn't love it when I was a child either.  My memories of Halloween are of me not wanting to wear a costume and of people at school telling me that blonde-haired, blue-eyed children were going to be killed at random while trick or treating.  So I have actually resisted the holiday quite a bit with my children.  This year I thought for sure I'd get a pass since Germans don't do trick or treating, but unfortunately, the Americans around here do do it in certain areas.  I hadn't planned for it at all, because another thing I prefer is for the kids to use the costumes we put together for the All Saint's party that year.  So much easier that way!  They had different plans.

So here's what happened.  A few days before, I start hearing the kids tell their friends what they are going to be for Halloween.  Ha!  No one ever asked me if they could be Legolas.  Tell me Isaac, how do you think that's going to happen when I have no costume for you?  Well, here's how he must have pictured it.

I made it the day of, in an afternoon.  He loved it and it was so worth it to make that boy happy.  I used an old white shirt (with stains even) and cut it up to make Orlando Blooms hair.  I saw that on Pinterest.  Then I dug in our old costume box and found a cape that would work if it was worn inside out and an old tunic that was used once upon a time as a monk costume and then as St. Anthony.  I quickly found green cloth and sewed it on the front, with no pinning or anything.  This was not a quilting project, so I got a little ghetto with my sewing.  He wore his sweat pants and his sister's boots.  Then he found the sheath with arrows from Genna's old costume and his bow from Blue Knights.  He really wanted me to go and take pictures of him in the woods right behind our house, hence all the pictures of him shooting his arrows.

Thank the Lord that everyone else picked costumes we had in the dress up box or made their own costumes.  Drew was Thor.  Oh, the hair!  It is just perfect.  He requested pictures outside too, but refused to pose for them.  He just wanted to stand there and look amazing.

And, Judah picked Wolverine.  He also wanted pictures out in the woods, but he had no trouble posing for me.  What an adorable Wolverine!

Don't make me pop my claws!

I just happened to have a football onesie and hat that I made for Drew's one year pictures.  We also have acquired the most adorable baby legs that have football fields on them.

And you may not believe this after I just told you how much I have never enjoyed dressing up in costumes, but at the last minute the kids talked me into putting on dad's football jersey and putting some makeup under my eyes to be Bobby's quarterback.  I don't know what I was thinking.

Hannah took my advice and dressed up like a librarian.  She told me she did not like dressing up which I already knew, and I told her that when I was a kid, one year I went as a school teacher so I could wear normal clothes and still be in a costume.  I suggested a librarian for her since that's what I think she should be when she grows up.

Genevieve wanted to be a water nymph.  I didn't really know how to help he with that since I'm not exactly clear on what it is.  In typical Genna fashion, she ended up not being happy with what she came up with and changed at the last minute to being Nut, the Egyptian goddess of the sky.  I made the cape for Hannah years ago.  She used the tunic from our Mary costume.  I did her Egyptian eye make up.  She really enjoys a good myth.  What can I say?

We met up with a big group of friends and I think the kids had a total blast!  Brian was able to meet us there after work and it was a nice family and friend-filled evening.  We topped it off with picking up Doner kebabs for dinner on the way home.  Not too bad for a day I was completely unprepared for when I woke up that morning.

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