Friday, December 23, 2016

England Part 2: Oxford

Our home base was an apartment in London with enough beds for both of our families, but only one bathroom and we were pretty cramped this time.  The website had said two bathrooms on one description and one on the other for some reason.  One bathroom for 14 people was at times a challenge when little people needed to go "right now" and it was already occupied.  The location for this apartment was super perfect though being in Westminster district and only a short walk to the train station.

The first day we went to Oxford via train.  A walking tour had been previously scheduled and we barely made it as was our trend for the whole trip.  We were always running late it seemed.  I didn't have time to make a bathroom trip so I was a little bit distracted by that urgent need and my son, Drew.  I should call the kid, "Machine Gun Questions."  All day long, it is rapid fire questions.  One day while driving with just him in the car, after a good long string of questions, I asked him if we could just sit quietly for a few minutes on the drive because he was asking a lot of questions.  His reply was, "But, Mom, I'm a scientist.  I have to ask a lot of questions."  Well, what can you say to that, but what I said which was, "Okay, Sweetie, ask me more questions.  What do you got for me?"  

The kid who never stops talking and asking questions.
Or should I say, the scientist.
Anyway the point is that Drew asked me a million questions during the tour and I missed a good amount of what was said.  Even so, it was a good tour.  Here's some of what we saw.

Judah was a sweet boy for his daddy, riding in the Ergo (that he's busting out of.)

The door that inspired C.S. Lewis's Narnia series.

And the lamp post was right by the door.  Remember the lamp post was the first thing the Pevensie's saw when they went through the wardrobe, entering Narnia.

A hang out for some of the greatest minds of all times.

Judah didn't make it through the tour awake.  Sleeping children are the sweetest.

Good buddies!

And after the tour, we had lunch and then did some quick shopping.  We had to train back to our apartment in London and grab dinner.

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