Monday, February 23, 2009

Fasching Carnival

Fasching is the way the Germans celebrate right before Lent.

Here the costume! I made ears out of two toned construction paper and taped them to my black headband. (This was a little shoddy. I bet they are not still attached by the time I pick her up.) Then she is wearing her black leotard and her black pants with her black tutu. Attached via safety pin to the tutu is a single strand of dread lock from my Bob Marley costume that I cut off to make a tail. I used eyeliner and rouge for the nose and whiskers.

We were running late this morning because we all overslept, so Genna, still in her PJs, had bedhead when we ran out the door to Hannah's school.

But when we got home she, of course, wanted to be an animal too which I had already anticipated. So here's my little bunny girl, Genna, clutching her baby bunny!

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