Friday, February 13, 2009

Stranger Danger Funnies

I've been trying to teach the girls about Stranger Danger since they are so very friendly. So we were at a little store that had a play area for them. I told them to stay in this area and not to talk to anyone that they don't know. I was looking at something close by when Genna yells out, "Mom, I see someone I don't know!" and points to a lady near her. I smiled and explained to the woman that I was working on Stranger Danger. She was nice and seemed to be proud of them instead of insulted.
Well, at the very next store, the girls are sitting on a bench while my mom paid and Hannah calls out, "Mom, Genna talked to a stranger!" Genna immediately says, "Just a little bit, Mom." I asked her what she said to the stranger and she said, "I asked her where she got her band-aid." She just cracks me up!

The girls decided to strike some different poses and faces for me when I got the camera out. Here are just a few of them!

I am signing off the blog for about a week while I make my way home and try to overcome the jet lag again. I'm sure I have a million things awaiting me at home too. I am sad to leave my family, but I am looking forward to my own bed, our old routine, seeing our friends, and getting Murray and Trinity back home(our dog and cat who are probably super homesick right now at the pet sitters.) So, have a happy Valentine's Day! I got beautiful roses from my husband that I wish I could take with me!

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