Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You won't believe this!

The weather was so nice here today! We didn't even need a coat! It has been freezing and snowing, and then all of the sudden the snow started melting and then this warm afternoon came! I even let the girls skip nap/rest time after Mass to play outside for fear it wouldn't last! They had a blast! The girls practiced their tricycle skills. Hannah sat and yelled, "Pipi Longstocking" about a thousand times while throwing balls into the yard. OK, that was a little weird, but they had fun! See the smiles!

This guy could barely contain himself!

By the way, my Lenten projects are coming, but I've been too busy making them to blog about them. And to be completely honest, I am still putting the finishing touches on the calendar and around the house. There was a time when I would have scrapped the whole idea if it wasn't completely and perfectly ready on Day 1. However, I have learned with three little ones that I wouldn't ever do anything if it had to be perfect and on time. (God teaches us SO much through having kids!) It just is not possible, especially with me playing Mommy and Daddy right now! I even have to take out the garbage, you know!

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