Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Trio

Hannah is totally getting this reading thing down, and I am so excited! She sounded out the word "little" yesterday which isn't an easy word. She loves it and begs me to do her lesson everyday now! She also learned her first joke which Genna quickly took over. "What did the pumpkin say after Thanksgiving?" "Good-pie!" They don't totally get it even after explanations, but they think it's funny to tell it just because it makes people laugh.
Genna is cracking us up as always with her silliness and her made up songs. She hops, skips, or dances wherever she goes. She is still doing great with the potty and is waking up from naps dry most of the time too.
Isaac is all over the place, rolling and scooting and turning around. He can get his tummy of the ground, but can't bring his knees under him by himself. If I pull his knees up for him he can hang out for half a minute or something up there, but then he tips over. His sitting is still unsteady, he tends to push himself back with his legs. I don't know if he doesn't get it or he just doesn't like it so he lays down. He is also grabbing everything in site now which is exhausting at restaurants and when we're out and about. I don't expect it because the girls never really did that much. I turn around and he's grabbed a magazine off a table near his stroller and is eating and ripping it up. What a handful he is!
The picture at the top of this post didn't come out as well as I had hoped, so I am going to try it on another day. Isaac wasn't in a picture mood on this day, but here are the other pictures I took...

See what I mean. The boy would not smile for anything!

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