Monday, May 27, 2013

American Heritage Girls Award Ceremony

The girls are both Tenderhearts this year and they both earned 5 or 6 badges and one service star.  Genevieve earned her Joining Award as well since this was her first year.  The whole family came to the ceremony this year since Drew is older and can handle staying up later on occasion.   

Isaac's sweet face lit up every time the he heard the girls' names or saw their picture in the slideshow.  He also was quite surprised when my name was called for recognition since I am the registrar this year.  

Drew decided to sneak by Brian and I and take off to the front of the ceremony.  He was quite the site in his PJs and his rain boots.  (It started to downpour right before we left the house.)  He ran straight into Hannah's arms until Daddy could catch up to him.  He's a fast bugger.  He is definitely faster than me at this point.

We have big plans to get badges earned this summer.  We'll see how it goes!

Here's a snippet of the ceremony...

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