Thursday, May 23, 2013

Big Brother Practice

Ever since Genna got her American Girl doll for her birthday, Drew has been wanting dolls too.  He carried around her new Brave Barbie for a while that day.

Since he is not allowed to play with the American Girl dolls, I went to the basement and got out the old baby dolls.  I figured it might be good for him to practice for the new baby anyway.  He is the roughest of all my kids and has ran right through the crawling baby at co-op many times which tells me he needs some real practice being gentle and watching out for babies.  I have always put my newborns right on the floor (on a blanket) the minute we get home from the hospital and never has anyone run over them or done anything to hurt the babies.  All of my kids have been calm enough to control themselves and stay off the blanket like they are supposed to.  This time around, we may have a different situation on our hands.  I may have to set up a pack-n-play on the main floor to keep this baby safe from Drew.  I am hoping he will calm down by then a bit because I just don't have room for a pack-n-play on every level.

The kids taught him how to feed the baby.  He was a little disappointed he couldn't use real food, but we are trying to teach him how to pretend.
I was always so worried with Isaac about making him boyish enough that I never encouraged this kind of thing with him.  And you may be wondering after the headband incident and if you knew one of his new favorite words is princess (AKA "Pinseh") why I would encourage this.  It is because he is the roughest toughest thing this household has experienced and a little softening up wouldn't hurt him for sure.   Young ladies, if you want a sensitive and romantic guy with a love for hunting, fishing, and golf then Isaac is your man, if you want a rustic, sword fighting, tough guy then Drew is your man.  :)  But for now they are mine!

Drew is really enjoying being read to now and his vocabulary is growing like crazy.  He will answer questions about the book with actual words now instead of just pointing.

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