Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Cutest Monster in the World

This video is of Drew practicing being gentle with a baby doll.  It cracks me up when he tries so hard to be gentle and even says the word, "gentle," right before he chunks the baby head first.  We have some work to do!

Drew is talking a lot now.  He can answer questions with one word answers.  His most commonly said words are:  bubble, want (when he wants something), water, bat. ball, fight (when he wants you to sword fight him), gun, vroom (when he wants to go in the car), outside, snack, eat, move, bath, swing, shoe, room, down, up, dinosaur, and coat/sweater (sweater often sounds like water to me and so he has taken to brushing his hands on his shoulders to let me know the difference.)  I am sure I am missing some big ones.  He talks so much now that I can hardly believe it.  I love it when he yells "Me!" whenever I ask a "Who wants" question, and when he yells for Hannah.  If you ask him if he needs a spanking, he will turn his leg toward you and point to where you should give it with a nod of his head.

His smile just kills me though and makes it very hard to be actually angry with him no matter how many times he hits or runs away or spits.  He obviously gets discipline, but it is usually easier for me to discipline him without emotion which is a blessing since so much of his day is spent being disciplined by me.

He has had a few struggles of late.  One issue I am having with him is that he is too big for his britches.  He gets so mad when the big kids get dropped off at something and he doesn't.  He throws a big tantrum about being left out of the big kids' activities.  He's also in a phase where he is whining/crying when I put him in bed suddenly, but if I tell him to lay down and close his eyes and that I will come back and check on him he is usually calmer and goes to sleep.  I think it is taking him longer to settle into sleep though.  He is getting ready to be moved in with Isaac (still in the crib), and I hope he does well with the transition.  The latest new thing is that he bit Isaac on the back because Isaac was protecting the Lego creations.  I hope that doesn't become a habit!

He can finish lines (the last word of the line) from the Hail Mary and the Our Father.  He also finishes the last word of book pages from his favorites.  Speaking of favorites, he is very hung up on Dr. Seuss books right now.  We have read Hop on Pop to death, but he likes them all.  He also is in love with dinosaurs right now.  I have been checking out dino books from the library since he likes them so much and the only other interest this kid has is balls, bats, and swords.  

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The Pilots Wife said...

I take comfort in knowing that Nash isn't the only toddler spitting, throwing tantrums when he can't be just like the big kids, and biting people on occasion. We have a Lego problem as well. It was much easier to corral toddlers a few years ago when there was less big kid stuff to get into. Please let me know if you find a way to get toddlers to be quiet during Mass. :)