Friday, May 24, 2013

Mother's Day

I ordered Edible Arrangements for all the mothers in our lives, and I guess Brian got the hint that I LOVE them as well and he surprised me with one on Mother's Day.  Other than that, Genna made me breakfast in bed and even made my bed that day and has several days since.  The kids all made me little crafts and cards.  I was also treated to a nice Italian dinner at Carrabba's.

I took Hannah to get her First Communion pictures done that day and worked on her quilt during nap time.  Everyone else in the house napped that day because we went to bed so late the night before.  A friend of the girls had a birthday party at putt putt golf and then we went to their house afterwards for dinner.

A funny story about the miniature golf party.  Genna had pom poms and a megaphone and I asked her why she won those since I had heard who won the trophy and saw the participation medals already.  She told me it was because she got the highest score.  I was hesitant to say, "You mean the worst score?" because I didn't know if she knew the highest was the worst.  I hated to burst her bubble.  She seemed really excited about her prize.  I asked another mom to double check the story I was given, and, yes its true, Genna got the worst score and was given the cheering equipment, seemingly as a subtle (and completely missed by Genna) hint to join cheerleading and not seek out a career in golf.  (Really she only got 10 more strokes than the winner, I found out later.)  Genna is the type that couldn't be happier playing any sport as long as she is around people and gets to be social, no matter if she is good at it or not.  Hannah is quite the competitive one and wouldn't enjoy anything she didn't think she could excell in.  Isaac had a good time with the younger set playing miniature golf, but he asked me when I took him to the bathroom, "When do we get to play real golf, Mom, with the sand traps and water hazards?"  He knows about these things from Hannah since she is in the First Tee Program (which she is really enjoying) right now learning how to play golf for real.

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