Sunday, September 1, 2013

Benjamin Judah: Week One

Night One: In the hospital he slept great, but spit up a lot and was awoken by nurses and doctors a lot for his blood sugar and vitals.  I barely slept at all, not even one straight hour.

Night Two:  First night home, he didn't do so well.  He was awake from 11pm until 4am, almost solid.  This typically happens with my babes because my milk still hasn't come in and the sleepy-just born phase passes.

Night Three: Judah did better, but still not great.  He had trouble settling into sleep without several pacifier inserts, which I try to avoid making a habit of that.  However, I was getting desperate and I let him cry for about 10 or so minutes with no luck.  He goes from nothing to hysterical screaming back to nothing.  He is a totally different crier than Drew who just did a light fussy cry.  It was easier to be assured that he was settling in and not getting too worked up to go to sleep on his own.  My milk still had not come in which is normal for me.

Night Four:  He went a three and a half hour stretch between two of the feedings which felt like Christmas to me.  My milk started to come in.

Night Five:  He did a little better if I gave him the pacifier when I laid him down and took it away when he pushed it out of his mouth and started to fall asleep.  It took him 10-20 minutes to get really asleep each time.  My milk was all the way in on this night.

Night Six:  This was a really awful night.  He went only 2 hours between feedings and most of that time was trying to get good and asleep.  He would lay in his Moses Basket with the occasional pacifier insertion, but it was all night long, after every feeding.  I slept for an hour and a half once, otherwise it was less than an hour long chunks.  I decided the next day I was going to work extra hard to keep him awake during feedings during the day to distinguish between his nights and days better.  I did succeed in keeping him awake during most all feedings and laying him down awake for naps.  He couldn't stay awake much longer than a feeding and diaper change.

Night Seven:  He finally had a really good night!  If only I could fall asleep faster and take advantage more of the non-nursing times during the night.  The first half of the night he was swaddled like normal in the Miracle Blanket, but he did take longer to settle into a good sleep just like all the other nights.  He did sleep from midnight until 3:45am though!  Yea!  The second part of the night I swaddled him with his arms bent and fists by his mouth, then I was able to lay him on his side like he sleeps during the day.  He went immediately to sleep which shocked me since he had slept so long already.  I thought for sure he would have a hard time going back to sleep.  So I am going to start swaddling him with his arms bent at night from now on since it went so well.  I am also going to continue trying harder to keep him awake during feedings during the day.

Some of this is foggy to me, but I think I got the major details on the right nights.  His umbilical cord fell off on the day after he was one week old, at least the main part.  He is popping and peeing constantly.  I was peed on twice in the first week alone.  

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