Saturday, September 7, 2013

Starting School: Crazy. I know!

 Tuesday was Isaac's first official day of Kindergarten.  My mom is doing most of the schooling really, but I did do Isaac's first day to introduce him to the materials and the methods we will be using.  He seemed to think everything was going to to be incredibly hard the moment he opened the books, but I think he realized that it wasn't hard at all once he gave it a chance.  

The girls have done great and not complained nearly as much with my mom teaching them.  At one point, Hannah said, "If this was my mom teaching I would be in tears right about now."  I guess they hold it together for Mimi better.  Go figure!

These two little stinkers have been getting along better *most* days.  On Saturday, they were getting along so well, in fact, that Drew apparently wanted Isaac to carry him down the stairs.  You may be able to guess how that ended.  Yes, my worst fear (falling down the stairs) came true.  They fell head first together from halfway up the stairs all the way down.  It sounded awful from the kitchen, lots of thuds followed by screams.  A million images of my precious boys splayed in various unimaginable positions with limbs going ways they are not supposed to go ran through my mind in the time that it took me to round the corner and find the boys already getting up off the floor.  Isaac was hysterical, but not because he was hurt.  He was screaming because he thought he was going to be in big trouble.  It took me a long time to get the story out of him of how and what actually happened.  It was awful!  Here I am, sleep deprived and hormonal from just having a baby a week and a half before when my worst fear happens.  You can imagine that I didn't handle it very well.  Plus, I cried for 2 hours afterwards, (I mean I could not stop crying.  I cried through making lunch and various other activities.) and felt the effects of the crying the rest of the day.  Isaac cried for a good long while too.  I would like to think that it was because he realized how upset the whole thing made me and how serious it could have been, but with him it is hard to tell.  Most things are about being afraid of punishment.  Anyway, apparently falling down the stairs doesn't mean permanent brain damage or a broken neck or certain death.  You can survive, even if your big brother falls on you in the process.

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