Sunday, September 22, 2013

That's so Genevieve!

Setting the stage here.  It's after dinner last week one evening.  Children are getting ready for bed, finishing up their piece of candy for dessert, and tidying up the downstairs area.  I am finishing up the kitchen.  Genna runs down the stairs crying and dives into my arms, saying, "I didn't mean to!"  She explains that she was getting ready for bed and bent over when chocolate fell out of her mouth onto the quilt I made for Hannah's First Communion.

Well, I guess my hormones are starting to even out because I didn't panic or freak out or anything.  Her sweet and utter sorrow over her mistake, the state of Hannah's quilt, and my hard work helped on this front.  Genna and I went up to assess the damage after consoling Genna and finding that Hannah was being very forgiving of her sister's accident.  Turned out it was only on the satin trim, so that was good news.  However, it was rubbed in.  We then had a discussion about not rubbing things in and bringing them to me first.  Then I see the chocolate all over her pajama pants.  Turns out she used her pants to rub in the chocolate onto the quilt, trying to clean it, of course.  This just made me laugh.  This is just so Genevieve that it was funny.

The chocolate came out of everything, by the way, with a little Oxiclean.

The other day another incident happened that showed me how not safety conscious Isaac and Genna are.  They were assigned to cut out eyes, noses, and mouths out of magazines.  They were giggling away, and I was getting stuff done while the two littlest boys asleep and Hannah reading.  They I hear it.  "I didn't mean to!  I'm sorry!  Genna, I'm sorry!  I'm sorry!"  followed by the siren that is Isaac's signature hysterical cry.  Genna also was crying.  Isaac had cut Genna's finger with the scissors, pretty good.  Lots of blood.  Again, thank God those hormones are evening out because I totally didn't freak (like I did a few weeks ago with the stair incident.)  Turns out after Isaac calmed down he tells me that Genna asked him to snip the scissors at the magazine as she turned the pages.  Genna reluctantly admitted to it.  Whoops!  A good lesson for both, I guess.  I had told both of them not to snip the scissors in the air that very day.  I guess that should have been my first hint that they were not going to be safe with the scissors.  Lesson learned.

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