Thursday, September 5, 2013

Judah: Week 2

Judah went to the doctor for his two week check up today.  He was the picture of health and he passed his birth weight up at 9 lbs 11oz.  His head circumference was surprising at 38 cms.  Last week it was 36.3 cms, so I guess they must have measured it wrong the first time.   The nurse checked herself this time twice.  His umbilical cord was off, so he is cleared for a real bath.  He also got his heal stick for the PKU test.  He cried for a second after the initial stick and squeeze, but then chilled out while they squeezed his heal again and again to get enough blood.  He didn't cry during the weighing or exam.  He has been such a relaxed baby this week compared to last.  He is very easily calmed if he ever gets upset, which is rare these days.

Judah had his first bath tonight.  In keeping with his chilaxed personality, he didn't cry at all during the bath.  He did get upset when I took him out, but he calmed down pretty fast and went to sleep on his own in the bassinet afterwards.

He has been sleeping well at night most of the time.  He takes about 20-30 minutes after I nurse him to settle into a quiet sleep.  He grunts, squirms, and makes the occasional little fuss during this time.  I rarely have to do anything, but on occasion I do have to give him his pacifier.  He spits it out at some point and goes to sleep.  He's going 4-5 hours from start of nursing to start of the next nursing at least once at night, but sometimes twice.  When he wakes it is usually a half wake up, and if I didn't have him right next to me I wouldn't hear him and he would drift right back to sleep.  

He's usually totally happy to be snuggled up in this Woombie even if he is awake.  He just hangs out until he gets tired and then drifts off to sleep.

He gets the hiccups all the time.  He's not much of a spitter, but he has his moments.  He is a great burper now.  He sneezes a lot too.

Somebody LOVES me!

He has been very hard to keep awake during feedings.  I am successful for the beginning, but then he starts to close his eyes and there is nothing I can do to stop him.

He's had a couple of naps on his tummy just to get used to the position.  Awake tummy time doesn't really exist yet.

Judah made his first appearance at church on Sunday.  He was oohed and aahed over.  I forgot my camera to get a new pew picture.  That will have to wait until I remember my camera on Sunday.  He did great, but Drew kept bumping the carseat and touching him while he was trying to sleep.  We'll have to work on that!

Judah went to dinner with Brian and I in the city on Saturday night.  He was a champ and slept the whole time.  He also went out with my mom and all the kids and I for a shopping trip while the maid came to the house to clean.  He did great for that also, but Isaac kind of drove me a little nuts.  Plus, we went to my Uncle's house for Labor Day.  So, Judah has been out and about a lot this past week.

Sleepy smiles have begun.  Love it!

I have been just loving this little man to pieces!  He seems so easy compared to the talking and walking children in this house.  :)  I love the innocence!  I really feel that I have been able to enjoy him so much despite the sleep interruptions.  Thanks be to God!  It could have something to do with my mom being here longer to help and the millions of meals that have been given to us.  I haven't had to cook or plan a meal since before he was born.  Thanks to good friends and neighbors!

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