Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Drewy's turning two!

As of Friday, Drew's officially two years old even though he claims to be "8" most of the time if he is asked.  On Friday we went to JCP to get pictures of all the kids (and baby pictures too.)  They did great, but I couldn't have managed without my mom since it took 2.5 hours altogether with picking pictures and paying.  Drew was so done after the 45 minute photo shoot, and so my mom walked them around the mall while Judah and I picked out pictures and finished up.  Super cute pictures and it was so worth it!

We doled out some of his gifts slowly over the next few days.  We went to Ruby Tuesday's for his birthday dinner before his daddy headed out for his big exams that he has been studying for all summer (and the last three years that he has been in the residency.)  He was great during dinner, but unfortunately he bit Isaac the day before and actually drew some blood.  I thought he was growing out of this, but this week he has been a total monster again.  I am praying he learns soon to stop this since I am super consistent with punishments and I don't know what else I can do. 

Drew as Michaelangelo, Ninja Turtle.

This was Drew trying out his new Justice League bat that we got him.

Isaac was comforting Drew when he got scared during a movie.
 Last year I skipped out on a real birthday party for him, and I didn't want to do that again.  I planned a "mini" party for him for this Sunday morning.  His dad had to miss it, but my mom was here to help.  Turned into a "not so mini" party, with 26 children and their parents.  I ordered pizza, set out grapes and carrots, and baked him a cake of his choice.  He is a big baseball guy, so you can guess what he picked...

Drew asked for a baseball cake!  
 I didn't do anything fancy, no favors or any frills.  I didn't want to overdo it, being a severely sleep deprived milk cow at the moment.  :)

Since we had 24 "eating" kids coming to the party, I made cupcakes too, just in case.  Turns out the cake was probably enough.  Most of the cupcakes were left over, but the cake only had a slice left.

We sung "Happy Birthday" to Drew outside on the deck.

Blowing out the candles
 He had a great time, and all the kids were pretty much banished to the backyard since it was a BEAUTIFUL day at around 65 degrees.  Only problem was that he bit one of his buddies who tried to get him out of the kid Jeep.  Aah!  Cute kid, please stop biting and hitting!!!!

Drew got a new truck.

Drew, I love you, and I pray that you have a good year learning and loving like God wants you to.  You are a spunky, tough, little guy with an adorable personality.  I know you'll learn to harness all that energy for the good as you grow up.

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Kristen said...

Anastasia is our first biter. I think they just figure out that it works consistently and keep using it. Tough habit to break...good luck! :)