Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Finally a Christmas Tree!

And while Brian ties the tree to the roof, we sat in the car to keep warm and took pictures...

Still hard at work

Time to go pay for the tree and get our free apple cider
I was very tempted to hold off on decorating it until the next day.  I have had a cold since getting back from Texas and my energy was kind of gone.  But alas the kids were too excited for me to make them wait.

The kids always love to get their box of ornaments and put them on.  I try to write the name of who gave it to them, the name of whose ornament it is, and the year they received it on them.

A stinker two year old ran around bumping into the tree and knocking off ornaments that were not put on securely.

A cutie pants baby watched the action from his swing.

Soak it up, Judah.  Next year we will be decorating when you are napping and probably not letting you even go in the same room as the tree.

 (Sung to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas)  Three announcements from me that we would get along and have fun or not decorate the tree at all, two broken ornaments, and a beautiful Christmas tree!

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