Thursday, December 19, 2013

Super Why

Drew has now officially asked "Why" questions.  This is unbelievable to me since the older three practically came out of the womb asking "Why" this and "Why" that.  The other day, he asked, "Why here, Mom?" when we pulled into a parking lot when he had thought we were heading home.

"Me knight, mom."

He notoriously starts nearly every sentence with "Me."  "Me hold it."  "Me want Mommy to do it."  Etc.  I am gently correcting him and having him repeat it back to me.  This seems to be working slowly but surely.  I have heard him correct himself a couple of times and I am reinforcing that with tons of praise.  Cookie Monster talk is cute for a while, but then it gets old.

He had a playdate earlier this week.  He wanted the boy to go play Lincoln Logs with him in the other room.  I told him to just ask.  He tilts his head (like he does) and says, "You come with me play tinkin togs?"  The boy just kept playing.  Drew turns around and goes, "uuuuuh," making fists, slumping his shoulders, and he stomps off.  So funny looking.

Drew held Judah for a while during a movie.

Drew is doing super well with potty training.  He tells me when he has to go.  He had an accident every three days or so this past week.  His biggest problem is not making a mess in the bathroom.  Since he is so young, he has to be supervised and helped to get situated.  He sits on the little potty most of the time because he isn't tall enough to stand.  He has mostly mastered pulling his pants up and down too.  He is dry during naps even, but not at night.    The potty dance has started which helps when he is having too much fun to want to stop to go potty.  I can then suggest he go, but, otherwise, I have too much going on.  I usually forget completely that he has underwear on until he is saying, "Mommy, pee in potty" to tell me he has to go potty.

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