Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snow and a Flight

I flew with Judah to go to my grandmother's funeral and Dallas was in the middle of an ice storm.  I made it though.  On the way home from taking me to the airport it started snowing here at home.  This changed all our plans of friends watching the kids when Brian had to go into work in the mornings because he was off work for two days.  Here are the pictures he took.
Our big tree in the front yard

I was not there, but I can easily imagine the story behind this picture.  The one in the  middle is always the one to be miserable when she first gets winter clothes on.  I'm sure the boots were too stiff, the hat too itchy, and the gloves too big.   Genna looks happy though, right?

I was told this guy was napping during all the fun in the snow, but it looks like he got to at least get out in it for a few minutes.

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