Sunday, October 25, 2015

An Early Birthday Party Before the Move

Hannah was most distraught over the realization that her birthday would come so quickly after getting to Germany and she wouldn't have any friends yet.  So we offered her to option to celebrate it early with her friends here in the states.  She jumped on that!

We brainstormed ideas for an easy party since I have a newborn and an overseas move going on here.  A friend of mine suggested Buffalo Wild Wings on a Wednesday night when they have 99 cent kid's meals.  Well, here we struck gold!  It was so cheap, and she had 13 girls come to the party.  I was able to buy a couple of moms dinner to help me transport them back to our house afterwards for dessert and a movie.  I even bought extra wings for everybody, and still it was the cheapest party ever!

For dessert, Hannah wanted brownies with whipped cream.  I threw in some sprinkles and let everyone make their own.  Easy!

Best of all, my Hannah was blessed by her friends...just a little early.  ;)

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