Thursday, October 29, 2015

Moving, Moving, Moving!

It's really happening!  All our stuff is gone and we've been living in an almost empty house for over a week.  We leave Tuesday, but just barely.  Monday night we head to the airport.

Passports came in the nick of time.

Living out of suitcases while they are packing us up has been a challenge.  Some munchkins have been dragging things out.  Go figure!

Judah's wearing Isaac's old Germany shirt.  Judah is just a few months older than Isaac was when we moved from Germany into this house.
 Judah actually was a little bothered by the fact that all his stuff in his room was gradually disappearing.  He went to put his water on the bookshelf like he always does and it was gone.  He said, "Oh no!  They took my bookshelf!"  I tried to explain what was going on but he seemed distressed that his crib wold be taken away.  He adjusted to the pack-n-play just fine in the end.

There was about four days where we had packers and movers in our house the entire day.  Bobby takes a lot of naps so he couldn't very well skip them like Judah could once his stuff was gone or being packed up.  So, Bobby slept in his Moses basket on the floor of the basement bathroom most of those days.  This is nothing new for him which I'll explain in another post.  However, what I didn't anticipate was a moving guy walking into a bathroom that had the door shut.  I tried to catch him, but he already shut the door and turned on the light before realizing there was a baby in there sleeping.  I really don't think he ever would have noticed if the video monitor wasn't sitting on the toilet lid.  Right away I labeled the bathroom as having a baby sleeping and I went ahead and labeled the bathroom the cat was in too even though that one we locked from the inside since we know how to open it.

These guys will totally fit in one of these boxes.  Should I ship them ahead?  Sure would make my life easier.

Watch out Germany, because here we come!

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