Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Child that Loves Hats

Judah has taken a liking to hats lately.  He's even tried to wear his new Superman hat to bed, but he will now admit that doesn't work very well.

He won't even let me take off his hoodies when it warms up in the afternoon or even for naps.  Once it goes on it stays one all day.  Apparently, even balloons with do for a hat in a pinch.

He is a silly boy for sure and loves to laugh.

On the day I am writing this post, he actually fell down the basement stairs from the very top.  I didn't see it, but he told me he stepped on the the tin cover of Brain Quest that someone had not put away.  It was on the third step from the top.  He only hurt his upper lip as far as we can tell.  He complained about it for the rest of the evening.  Poor guy!  I am thankful he is okay and am going to have to restrict his stair use once we are in Germany since they have tile stairs there that give me nightmares.

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