Friday, October 16, 2015

The Last Church Picnic

I say "last," but I should say first and last because every year we've ended up not going for one reason or another, usually naps.  Yes, I am a nap Nazi.  This year Brian wouldn't let me out of it.  It was going to be the last chance, so I conceded.  I am glad we went even though naps did get messed up a bit.  We had a really lovely time and saw some people that we don't see often because we go to different masses.

There was a very cool and funny clown making the kids balloon "animals."  He could make almost anything.  Isaac got a sword.  Genevieve got a kitty.  Judah got Elmo.  Hannah got an Octopus.  Drew got an airplane.  We stayed longer than we had planned just to do this, and it was worth it.  It brought the kids so much joy.

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