Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Grandmother

My grandmother holding a 3 month old Hannah, her first great-grandchild..
My grandmother passed away on Monday, one day after her 90th birthday.  She was my last living grandparent.  As a child she was my favorite grandmother because she was a doer.  She took me to the zoo, to the park, on walks, and to the tennis courts.  Grandmother was known by her grandchildren for her water races (to get us to drink more water after playing outside) and for insisting we have the water running while we peed some predetermined number of times per day.  She also always made us back down the stairs to the basement.  I would do it with a chuckle when I was in high school and was still having to back down the stairs.  She taught us how to find doodle bugs and sent us into the backyard with pie tins to collect them in.  

I remember how she loved dessert and always had vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup for us after dinner.  When I got Chicken Pox in the first grade, she stayed with me telling me not to scratch and piling blankets on me.  When I was in high school, I stayed with her one week out of the year while my dad was out of town.  She would heat up the bathroom for me every morning for my shower and make me breakfast.

When I got married and had children, she would come over to my parent's house when we were in town just to sit and watch my kids play.  She always seemed to really enjoy everything they did.  As they got older, they put on performances for her.  I am so glad that they brought her such joy as she got older and couldn't do as much.

Good-bye, Grandmother.  I know this world had wearied you.  May your soul be at peace with Jesus in heaven.

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