Friday, November 1, 2013

My Little Saints

 We went trick or treating this evening with our good friends and neighbors.  The children had such a good time.  I had to bring Judah in early because it started raining, but not too hard for the big kids and Drew to weather.  Judah and I came home and handed out candy together.  Tomorrow is the All Saint's Party that we are hosting in our backyard (Please God, no rain!)  

Hannah wanted to be St. Helen of the True Cross, Constantine's mother.  We read a book about her recently as a family.  I made her costume because she is so picky about how things feel.  I made it out of her favorite kind of shirts, her daddy's undershirts, and some jersey cotton for the shirt part of the dress.  I put gold duct tape on the front of the dress to make it look like a queen's dress.  We ot a cape from the dress up box that I made a while back.  daddy found her the woooden cross and spray painted it.  She also has a sparkly headband as a crown since I couldn't talk her into wearing one of the actual crowns since it would involve bobby pins.  I'm telling you, she's a picky one.

Genevieve wanted to be St. Ursula.  There is a short poem about her in a book we have that Genna liked.  She is a poetry girl.  She is always reading and memorizing poems for fun.  Anyway, St. Ursula was martyred by arrows so she is often seen with arrows.  Daddy was more than happy to give her some arrows to add to her costume.  St. Ursula was a princess and so we found a super cheap costume online for her.

Isaac wanted to be St. Isaac Jogues after we read a story about him as a family as well.  He was a French priest and missionary who came to the Americas, near the St. Lawerence River in Canada to teach the Native Americans about Jesus and the Church.  He was martyred by the Native Americans.  I made his cassock with a black turtle neck and a black "skirt" that I mad a couple of years ago for part of a costume.  I put a piece of white duct tape on the turle neck for the collar.  I found the hat on Amazon for cheap.  It was a sombrero and I pulled off all the embellishments and flipped the rim down to make it more like St. Isaac's wide-brimmed hat.  It took some convincing to get him to wear the "skirt," but I told him it wasn't a skirt and his godfather wears cassocks all the time.  :)

I picked Drew's saint because I know how much he likes to carry around babies right now.  He was St. Anthony of Padua and the Child Jesus.  He was so adorable in his costume.  I just loved how he said, "Twick or tweat" and "Tank you" to all our neighbors.  he was scared to death of all the masks though.  The cutest thing was when he saw a ghost hanging from the basketball goal of someone's house he could only see the flowing white part and kept saying, "Mary in basketball goal."  He thought the flowing white part was mother Mary's veil.

Judah has a St. Jude the Apostle shirt that I made him, but I figured if I put it on him before the actual All Saint's Party, it was bound to get pooped or puked on.  Drew got car sick on the way to the part last year and puked all over his St. Juan Diego costume.  Saving it for the big party tomorrow, just to be safe.  Tonight he was a candy corn instead.

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