Thursday, October 31, 2013

Other News Around Here

 I know, it's baby, baby, baby lately.  Hey, I got to give him equal face time compared to all the other kids when they were babies.  But here is what they rest of the household is doing...

Drew wants to be included in everything!  Everything!  The girls got new skirts and he HAD to try one on and cried when we broke the news that it wasn't for him.
Funny thing about Drew wanting to be included in everything, he has figured out that we spell things he will want to do.  So now if we spell "G-O," he is repeating it saying, "Me, G-O, me G-O" not knowing what it is just that he wants to do it.  If we spell "S-H-O-W-E-R," he says, "Me E-R, me E-R!"  What a goof!

Isaac is in Blue Knights and made a bow and arrow set for their craft last week.  He LOVES it!  I am glad he has something to do with his dad without the other kids.

Another thing Drew is constantly saying is "Wrap me up!"  I asked him to smile and he gave me this forced weird smile.
I told him to just look normal, and this is the face I got.
Drew was playing with the remote control car and he couldn't get it to work.  I looked over to see him say, "Oh, silly me," and go to flip the switch to turn on the car part so it would work.  He's easy to love.

The girls have been busy with school, as has Isaac.  This week we decided to play Spelling Baseball before dinner.  Two of the neighborhood girls got in on the game.  I just called out a word from their level/list and they ran to the next base if they got it right.  With each correct answer, everyone could run to the next base.  They didn't want to stop playing.  I may just do this with math and as a History review too.

I am trying to get ready for the All Saint's Day Party that we are hosting this Friday.  Costumes, games, cleaning, and organizing the rest of the details is keeping me busy.  Come back to see this year's costumes and pictures from the party!  

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