Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Big Boys

So Drew is caught in the middle of the boys.  Does he want to be a big boy like Isaac or a baby like Judah?  The answer is both.  He wants it all.  He literally can't wait until he is able to hang with the big boys and play soccer and t-ball like Isaac.  Every week he gets decked out in his shin guards and tennis shoes, and he gets a soccer ball of his own.  (Good thing we have enough for three kids to wear and use.)  All this just to ride in the car to take Isaac to practice.
He even insisted on wearing the thick socks over the shin guards.
On the other hand it would be nice to be a baby .  The baby gets so much attention and eats all the time.  He even gets a pacifier.  Drew found some old pacifiers that Judah doesn't use and has taken to walking around with one in his mouth.  He has never taken a pacifier!  I am ashamed to admit that I am letting him and this week I even handed it to him during our history lesson because he was talking so loud.  He's not attached, so I am not worried.  He is also asking to eat absolutely nonstop.  Growth spurt/attention-getter, I guess?

Pacifier and all

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