Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Miramar Beach, Florida: Part 2

Judah was an angel the whole trip!  This is him hanging out in his car seat at the seafood restaurant one night.
We had a peaceful dinner out a couple of the nights, but mostly my brother-in-law (a former chef) did the meals.  One night the just the ladies and Judah went out to dinner while the guys stayed with the kids to watch football.  This was payback for us watching the kids while the guys went deep sea fishing for one of the days.

Drew was pretty good too.  I don't know that I would say "angel," but definitely good for him.

I think this is our first family photo since Judah joined us.

Burying Uncle Kent

Our house had a studio apartment above the garage that was for our early rising family.  The other house (for the most part) barely got up by 8 or 9am most days.  We had a nice balcony and a pool in between our apartment and the big house.  Unfortunately, the pool was always freezing cold for some reason.  I barely swam and that was something I had wanted to do when the kids were all napping or sleeping.  The girls enjoyed it the most.  drew thought it was too cold and Isaac is being a weenie about swimming again so he mostly played around the pool.

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