Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Judah's 8 weeks old!

Catching his smiles on camera finally!

Sleep:  I stopped using the Miracle Blanket at night because Judah was sweating in it.  he is a sweaty baby in general.  I have to dress him in onesies and leave his window open at night (in the 50's at night right now) in order to keep him from getting too hot.

I am still having trouble getting him to sleep at bedtime.  I have tried changing the time, earlier and later, rocking him til drowsy, rocking him to sleep, putting him on his tummy, letting him cry for half an hour and then consoling him with the pacifier and the shush pat.  If any of these have worked it has been for only one night or just for a half hour nap.  I nurse him at 8:30pm which seems to reset him and then he goes to bed awake (usually) and without any crying (except for once.)  For all other naps, he goes to bed awake and with minimal crying (less than 5 minutes), if any.  My next strategy is to try nursing him at 7:00pm and keeping him awake afterwards just a bit as I get him ready for bed.  I was just reading my post from when Drew was around this age and when I made that switch he was able to cry for about 10 minutes and go to sleep until 10pm for his dreamfeed.  I'll have to move up Judah's dreamfeed from 11 to 10pm which I would love anyway.

Somebody LOVES baths!  Judah has never cried during a bath.  That's a first for my newborns.  Maybe I am a better bath giver?

Drew has been so loving of his little brother.  Judah has been the receiver of more kisses from Drew than any other family member.

He finally decided he likes the swing!

Judah likes to be swaddled in his carseat too when he is sleeping.  He got his arm out here.

Milestones:  He is smiling at me in response to my smiles a lot now.  It is the sweetest thing.  He is trying to laugh, making that beginning chuckle sound.  He is also enjoying looking around more and tracking me with his eyes.  He has also started enjoying the play gym, the swing, and the bouncy seat with the bar of toys to bat and look at.  He gives some great smiles to his bouncy seat toys.  He LOVES his bouncy seat.

Brotherly Love
Nursing:  He has been nursing great... still 7 times a day, one of those in the middle of the night (3-4am.)  He is spitting up more in the last 2 weeks.  Once he spit up a ton while he was latched on.  Genna used to do this frequently.  Her problem was due to over-eating, so I reduced her to nursing on one side and it solved the massive spit ups.  He has only don that once, so I am not making any changes just yet.

He loves his play gym!

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