Sunday, October 27, 2013

Isaac Says the Darndest Things

Isaac held onto his Lucky Charm cereal all the way until we got to the van on our grocery trip.  When he realized it, he freaked and wanted to go back immediately to pay for it because he stole it.  I told him to calm down, but we were already late to pick up the girls from piano right around the corner.  So I said we would come right back and take care of it.  We came back and instead of all 6 of us getting out, I sent Hannah in with the box and some cash.  She was nervous, so I tried to park the van where I could see most of the check out lanes.  She gets behind this food stamp lady and it is taking forever.  So I jump out, lock up and run in to ask a lady overseeing the self check out if she can help her so I can get back out to my illegally parked car.  She was happy to do so.  Hannah comes out and hops in the van, telling us how she was so nervous.  Isaac asks, "Did you tremble?"  Everyone cracks up.  Then he says, "I guess you should put that on the blog, Mom."  So here it is.

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