Thursday, October 24, 2013

My First Godson

Monday I had just nursed Judah and put him down.  I was trying to get back to sleep at about 5 am when I heard my phone alert me to a text.  This text was the reason that I had my phone with me overnight.  It was from my friend who just recently moved about 3 hours away and was in labor.  I jumped up to throw my pile of prepared clothing into a bag.  I got Genna and Judah up and ready to go.  ( I was taking Genna to help me and Judah to nurse, obviously.  The other children were staying with dad and staying with another friend during the day.)  Brian was getting up for work and got the GPS set up and my windows defogged.  I was ready to go by 5:40am only to find that my tire pressure was low probably due to the change in temperature, but I couldn't take the chance.  He ran the car down the street to Seven Eleven to fill them up.  I left at 6am.  I drove straight though and was going against the traffic.  I was in a hurry because she didn't have anyone to take the three older children and they were in the delivery room with her.

I walked up to the room as a doctor was coming out at 9:24am.  I asked if this was her room and he said, "Yes, she just delivered a couple of minutes ago."  He was born at 9:22am.  I knew that might happen because she has fast labors, but, man, two minutes!  Anyway, long story short, Ned was 8 lbs 15 oz and as perfect and healthy as can be.  (He was born on Judah's 2 month birthday exactly.)  I took the big kids to their home and stayed the night with them.  When they came home from the hospital, I headed home.

This precious boy is my first godson ever.  I am a convert as well as my husband and so we don't have family that is Catholic and might need godparents.  I never thought I would be blessed with a godchild.  So Yay! for Brian and me, and Yay! for Ned's parents too!

A triple baptism is in the works, but there are a few kinks to work out to make it happen.  Judah, Dex, and Ned are going to be baptism buddies, I hope.  We have a circle of godparents thing going on between the three of us that all were due with baby boys within 2 months of each other.  Dex's parents are Judah's godparents, we are Ned's godparents, and Ned's parents are Dex's godparents.  Confused?  It took us all a good while to remember whose godparents we are and who was our child's godparents.

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