Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Well Check Marathon

Two Wednesdays ago (Oh boy, am I behind!) we were scheduled for the first Smith family well check marathon ever.   All 5 kids needed well checks and flu shots  I thought it wouldn't interfere with school as much if we did all of them back to back in one morning instead of on multiple days.   We arived on Wednesday 15 minutes early like we were told only to hear the ominous, "Are you the Smith family?  We've been trying to call you all morning."  Turns out my doctor had called in sick.  Not unusual since my doctor has six kids of her own.  But how did I miss the phone call?  My phone was in my bag.  Brian's phone had died.  They rescheduled us for Friday at 8am.  Ouch!  In order to make this trip somewhat worthwhile, the girls got their flu shots and the subsequent ice cream that we always get for brave children.  Funny thing they were begging me in the waiting room to get their shots that day and not wait until Friday.  There were a couple of ladies in the waiting room staring at them and smiling.  I know that was a first, watching kids beg for immunizations.

So we trekked back in on Friday arriving at 7:45am.  I had to get up at 5:30am to get everyone out the door by 7am.  It went great.  Everyone was brave and well behaved except for Drew throwing a little fit when I had to tell him that Isaac had to go first for his shots.  Drew's shots weren't ready yet and he was already anxiously awaiting them in the chair when he got the news.  What weirdos!  I had to be held down by multiple nurses to get my shots for as long as I can remember.  I didn't write down weights and heights unfortunately.  I had my hands full, but let me try my best to remember what I can.

Hannah almost 9yrs 56 lbs

Genevieve 7yrs 54 lbs

Isaac 5yrs 45 lbs

Drew 2yrs 30.6 lbs

Judah 8 weeks (not quite 2 months) 14 lbs 11 oz

All I recall about their heights was that Hannah was 2 inches taller than Genna.  Other than that I don't know.

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