Thursday, October 10, 2013

Miramar Beach, Florida: Part 3

The only glitch in our vacation was Drew getting sick in the middle of it.  On Saturday night, I came into the apartment to go to bed and I hear Drew vomit in his bed.  He didn't even wake up.  He just sat up and turned around so he wasn't laying in it.  Brian and I got him and the pack-n-play cleaned up and back in bed.  I laid there praying that was a fluke and he wasn't sick.  He never got a fever, but he did throw up 4 more times the next day.  We went to Mass without him.  he skipped the beach and the pool that day, but the next day he was fine and rearing to go.  The weirdest thing was that he kept wanting to eat.  usually he doesn't want to eat when he has a stomach bug, but he said "Eat.  Eat.  Eat." about a million times that day.  We were hiding the foods that he couldn't have so he wouldn't cry for them.  I tried sticking with cereal, crackers, and bananas.  he was trowing them up though too.  I was so thankful it didn't infect everyone.  So thankful!

The girls had fun playing canasta at night before they went up to the loft to sleep.  Genna kept everyone laughing.  She kept forgetting the word "discard" and saying "dislocate" or "dislocard" instead.  She's a riot!

Aunt Leah got the boys all matching pirate shirts.  We kept meaning to dress them up and take pictures of them, but someone was always too tired/cranky or we just forgot.  So the last day, we took the shirts out to the beach and put them on the boys right before it was time to go in for lunch.  It was tricky getting all of them to sit still and Isaac not to drop the baby.  This is the best we got...

Papa Boat and his pirates

I love this rambunctious little guy!

I love this little guy too!

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