Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The News of the Weekend

Our big news of the weekend was that Drew peed in the potty for the first time ever!  It didn't even involve hours sitting on th potty, he stood on my feet and tried for a minute and "Voila!"  We danced and sang and he got a couple of Skittles.  Fun times!  I am a little anxious to get this guy potty trained because I am spending an insane amount of money on diapers, wipes, and pullups.  (I still have one more in night time pullups.)  I know, realistically, that it will be a good while before he is potty trained, but it gives me hope.  All my kids have been right around 2 1/2 years old no matter when they started practicing on the potty though.

Drew's been "reading" to himself suddenly.  This is a new one for this hyper munchkin.  He is also putting full sentences together now, all the words are there, but the funny part is that they usually are not in the correct order.  "Hannah gave me a banana."  would sound like, "Gave me banana Hannah."  It takes some brain power to decipher the really long complicated sentences, which as you may suspect, I don't have right now.

Judah had a first this weekend too.  He slept for 7 hours straight.  He's only done 6 hours once or twice, usually it is closer to 5 hour stretches at night.  I kept waking up and starting to get out of bed, then realizing that he wasn't crying or awake.  Weirdo!  Go to sleep already and enjoy it!  That's what my husband would say.  :)

I started counting my Weight Watchers points again last week and lost 3 lbs.  Yay!  I had plateaued in my after pregnancy weight loss and then even started gaining a few of the pounds back, so I thought it was time.

Don't have a picture of it, but Isaac got kicked in the face this weekend and his nose swelled up on one side.  There is a little bit of a bruise around the eye and on that side, but it does not appear to be broken.  Thank You, God!  Hopefully, he learned his lesson, not to roll around on the ground in the dark with a bunch of kids running around.

Hannah and I went shopping for her winter clothes again.  Nearly everything she tried on was too tight here, too loose there, too itchy, and the clothes better not have seams that you can feel!  Okay, Queen Hannah, here is your hand crafted seamless garment of fuzzy softness.  Yeah right!  It was a mess, and I rolled my eyes on more than one occasion as I was leaving the dressing room to go find a different size and was caught by another mom waiting outside the dressing room.  I suppose it is one of my crosses to bear, having a child that can't be happy in anythin but pajama pants and her daddy's shirt.  Brian is not nearly as frustrated by this because he is holding out hope that this will make her unattractive to the male species when she enters her teens.

This is one of the failed attempts.  She is only smiling because I made her.  Her original expression uglified the dress.  This dress is "too itchy and the collar comes up too high."  I did not buy it, but told her I wanted a picture of her in a cute dress.  She was worried I would make her wear it, but I told her that the last thing I wanted was to fight over her clothes and get her to wear it a couple of miserable times.  She's old enough to pick her own clothes if they are reasonable and appropriate.

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