Sunday, August 3, 2014

Genevieve, I haven't said much about her lately.

My non-competitive child.  She comes home from bowling for the first time since she was little bitty in Germany.  Hannah relays everyone's scores to me from her group.  When I ask what Genna's score was, Genna replies, "It was a competition?"

Another example is when I picked them up from their first day of golf camp last week.  Hannah again tells me everyone's scores from a course that had been set up for them, including her sister's this time.  I say, "Wow, Genna did better than you, Hannah?"  She shrugs her shoulders and says, "Yeah."  Genna chimes in and says, "Yeah, and I even had eleven strokes on one hole!"  Waaaaiiiiiit a minute.   I ask to see the score cards.  Hannah tells me there were 18 holes and they had to keep score themselves.  Hannah had filled out 17 holes, and Genna had recorded a mere 12.  Ha!  No wonder she had a better score than her sister even with eleven strokes on one hole!

When I was photographing Genevieve being silly, Drew Wolverine photo bombed her.  You can almost hear the sound of his claws coming out.

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