Saturday, August 23, 2014

I spy bags: I finally made them!

These have been on my "to sew" list literally since Isaac was a baby.  They weren't that hard to make, but in the end it took some planning and real dedication to complete the project.  First, I had to order the plastic sheets online.  Then I had to cut everything, plan fabrics, and sew the top pieces altogether.  Then you sew on the back, leaving a small hole to pour in the plastic beads (I used plastic clear pony beads.)  I had to find all the little things to search for in the bag and put them in.  Of course, then I realized that I should make the tags before putting them in.  I took them out and made tags using clip art and doing some drawings where I couldn't find clip art.  Next I sewed the plastic over the tags, punched a hole, threaded a ribbon, and put the ribbon in to the hole in the bag to sew it up and be done with that.  I made four at one time because I knew I would have a hard time getting myself to start the process all over again once real school is underway.  

I have the names of the kids they are for on three of them because I ran out of the right letters for the fourth.  I put foam letters in the bags to "spy" as well.  On the fourth one, I just put in the letters, A, B, and C.

The Backs of the Bags

Brian thought the safety pin was a bad move since he thinks a kid could open it and it would poke through.  I kinda didn't think of that at all, so we'll see.  Brian recommended that I leave it out in the future. :)  Maybe I should sew a warning on it or something.  Just think of it as a German toy.  They have all kinds of dangerous toys over there.

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Angela Bonzani said...

i am loving your blog. today is our parish all saints day party and there was an elizabeth ann seton bonnet that i saw but i need instructions!! i am staring at a big peice of felt and am lost! if you get this please email me any tips.

thanks!! need to make these i spy bags too. you are so crafty it would be great if you would include more step by step instructions for us that are a lot less crafty!