Monday, August 18, 2014

Moving on up to the big boy bed!

The bunk beds have been there waiting for a while, but he just wan't quite ready.  Drew has been potty trained during the day for a long time, since December.  He's nap trained as well, but not night time potty trained.  He's still in pull ups at night.  Anyway, the main reason I waited to move him is his obedience level has not been up to my standards.  He never questioned bedtime or the crib because he's a good sleeper, but other areas of obedience were not going well.  He'd do well for a week and I'd think he was ready only to be surprised again with a week full of time outs and discipline for not obeying us.  We have a trip coming up where he will need to sleep in a big bed so I thought I better take the plunge now.  Plus, he seems to have made a big jump in connecting consequences with his actions.  If I just remind him when he starts to disobey that he will be disobeying if he chooses to do that, many times he'll say, "Oh. nevamind.  I not do dat.  I dange my mind."

He's done great so far in the bed, only having one night where he drank too much before bed and needed to go potty three times after he went to bed.  His rule is that an adult or big sister or brother have to give him permission to get out of bed.  

His bed is right next to the bookshelves and I really expected to find the bookshelf emptied every morning.  I have been surprised that he has just looked at his two books that I give him after his bed time routine to look through and get sleepy.

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