Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ice Skating Princess

Genevieve,  when given the choice of any sport or summer camp she could dream up, chose ice skating.  I thought it would be too expensive,  but it turned out to be reasonable so we signed her up with a friend that we recruited.   In the end, her friend couldn't go due to an out of town funeral.   She was bummed and begging for me to sign Hannah up, until I reminded her that she would make a friend or five of her very own by the end of the first day.
First Day

 She loved it,  and on the last day, after the performance for the parents, she introduced us all to each of her new friends.   Speaking of the performance,  she got all dolled up for it.  She even borrowed Hannah's snowflake earrings.  She promised me all week I could do her hair in a bun (one of her most hated hairdos because she thinks she looks like she has no hair...ridiculous!) and she let me without a fuss.  She was super cute about the whole thing.  She just has such a loving and cheerful spirit that is so refreshing and fun to watch.  After the show was over, and she had introduced us to her friends, she wanted to show us some more of her moves.  She's got this huge smile and she's skating and tries to lift up one leg or something and falls.  The smile never leaves her face, she just gets right back up and tries some other fancy move.  So cute!

Genna's Final Performance:  She's the crazy one in blue with bare arms.

Drew's watching the performance.

Sisters hugging after it was all over.

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